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80 cm light cube ultralyt Folding KCWXMWBXL



Availability: In Stock

ultralyt Optical instruments and equipment for photography is a brand that stands out for the quality of its products and competitiveness of price, and all products ultralyt from prestigious factories manufacturing items also very similar to other popular brands on the market.Product: ull-cl80Dimensions: 800mm3Accessories (included): 4x Carry Bag (White, Black, Blue, RedFolded dimensions: 300mm diameter

ultralyt optical is a brand of tools and equipment for photography that highlights by the quality of their products and the competitiveness of its price. All products ultralyt from prestigious factories which manufacture articles also very similar to other very well-known brands in the market.
For Product Photography, the diffusers ultralyt offer several designs and measures, whether in translucent fabric that offer a soft light and milky-white, or of acrylic that provides a cool light (White) and without shadows. Depending on the material and the design we have boxes of light in fabric or perspex and cocoon of the type that is in methacrylate.
The buckets of light ultralyt Folding Box, are a translucent fabric diffuser which provides a soft diffused light without glare (shadows) on any object. The cubes ultralyt diffusers eliminate completely the exaggerated flare and any reflection produced by the light.
These buckets of light ultralyt due to its practically a portable photo studio, making mounting easy and comfortable transport, the ideal both for trimming photos for the photography of products with natural or artificial light.
The buckets of light folding ultralyt presented in eight sizes:
The customer can choose the model that best suits your needs. This is the model and 80cm.
The buckets of light folding ultralyt include three backdrops in White, Black, Red and Blue, simply insert the backdrop which is attached by a Velcro tape.

80 cm light cube ultralyt Folding KCWXMWBXL

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