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100 Watt 12 V Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Energy Sun SIGADUIJI



Availability: In Stock

Maximum Power Pmax (W): 5WpVoltage at Pmax (V): 18,10VPmax (a) current: 0,29aShort circuit protection (V) voltage: 22,2VShort circuit Current (a): 0,30a

The monocrystalline solar module with a rated wattage is suitable due to its low rated voltage ideal for standalone. The solar module is made up of several layers stratified. At the back is a white plastic background or black back again, double-sided adhesive film, film double sided tape, then a specially hardened glass. These elements are pressed together under high pressure and temperature. As a result, the back and the other side of the back is highly protected against the ingress of moisture. It provides not only a solar module much more stable, but also a very good seal against the penetration of moisture The Junction Box includes bypass diodes to prevent all solar modules connected in series in case of a partial screening a reduction in power (in partial shade). In addition, the device connection on the chassis is on the surface and have a screw tight, so that moisture can no longer penetrate. This panel photo voltaque can be used for the power supply, car camping, garden shed, stand-alone systems in areas without electricity to smaller installations, for the injection on the public network, etc... These modules can be taken in & # x153; very quickly, the more they are manufactured on precision machines, equipped with anodised universal and frame resistant to hail. On the back panel the junction box Waterproof (IP65water resistant construction) with connecting cables are tight. These quality, are produced under a rigorous quality control modules, based mainly on high performance and better value of treatment, which is constantly monitored by We.
Technical Data:
- (L x W x H): 245x 193x 17mm
- Maximum Voltage: 1000V
- Weight: 0,62kg

100 Watt 12 V Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Energy Sun SIGADUIJI

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